Certified Flight Instructor

There is no greater pleasure than to share your experience and expertise with others. Becoming a certified flight instructor is the ultimate form of sharing as the joy of flight is taught to the next person and the next generation. Flight instructors look forward to seeing their students achieve their dreams of flying for fun or a career in aviation.

To prepare you for the exam we will be going through the PTS in depth, covering each section to help you gain an instructional level of knowledge. You will work either one-on-one or in a small group with an experienced instructor. Then you will practice teaching in our aircraft and be ready for your next stage in aviation. Call today to start your CFI training.

NOTE: Minimum age is 18. Individual student cost may vary due to aptitude, frequency of training, and other factors. Flight Instructor/Single Engine/Multi Engine Land are FAR 61 approved.

FAA Minimum Requirements

  • Commercial pilot certificate
  • Instrument rating