Aircraft Maintenance Services

We understand that your airplane is a valuable asset to you and that you expect it to perform flawlessly every time you fly. The cost of maintaining the airplane is always a critical subject for aircraft owners, after all, Avgas is already expensive enough. Expensive maintenance is the last thing aircraft owners want to deal with. The management team at Trade Winds Aviation is implementing ways to keep you in control of the maintenance cost. We know that the key to a satisfactory and economical maintenance experience is to keep you in the loop while we work on your airplane.

Here is how you will stay in control:

  • Flat Rate for annual inspections which allows you to budget ahead of time
  • If we find discrepancies during an inspection we will provide you with an estimate for Airworthiness items that need to be addressed, plus a list of Recommended items. You can decide which of the recommended items should be fixed now or later, allowing you to manage your  budget
  • For large repairs, i.e. leaking cylinder, we will determine with you what the most economical way is to address the problem
  • It is possible for you to provide parts needed for a job concurrent with our assessment of the required parts

We will work with you to keep the cost under control by involving you in the decision making process, because we want you to be a satisfied airplane owner and keep you flying.

Our promise to you: You will always know what you are paying for and why.

We provide the following maintenance services:

  • Annual Inspections
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Insurance Quotes and Repair
  • Sheet Metal Work
  • Engine Changes, Cylinder Changes
  • Landing Gear, Tires, Brakes
  • AD Compliance
  • Oxygen service
  • Propeller dynamic balance
  • Parts Sales
  • STC upgrades
  • Aircraft Rigging
  • Airframe Electrical
  • Aircraft Weighing Service
  • Service Bulletin compliance
  • Unusual upgrades and repairs requiring FAA field approval, DER contracting

Aircraft Management Services

Trade Winds Aviation’s offers a suite of Aircraft Management Services to assist aircraft owners with managing the time and expenses associated with maintaining their aircraft. The services can be purchased a la carte or as a bundle. An exceptionally useful bundle is the Complete Care Package. The bundle consists of Airworthiness Compliance, Engine Health Analysis and Database Updates. The bundle is available for $95/month or $1,100/year.

Ready to fly Airworthiness Compliance

Track Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins for your airplane and take action when applicable. Recommend and perform required Inspections (ELT / Static System / Transponder / Annual) with your approval. Check for tire conditions and pressure.

Reliable engine performance Engine Health Analysis

Regular engine data collection and performance analysis to identify potential hardware failures early. Issue regular report cards with recommended action if required. Service depends on engine monitor equipment installed.

(Off airport travel time extra)
Fly with current Information Database Updates

Keep GPS and other databases current by downloading updates every month and manage your subscriptions.

(Off airport travel time extra)
Aircraft preservation No Time To Fly, We Will Exercise Your Aircraft

Aircraft will deteriorate if not flown regularly. A certified commercial pilot will fly your airplane on an agreed schedule to avoid damage from long periods of non-use.

Hourly pricing per price list
Keep your asset shiny and protected Professional Detailing

The environment

Airplane degrease, wash, interior cleaning. Bi-monthly. Top wax including degreasing

$140 per wash
$275 per wax
Have your aircraft earn its keep Business Management

Rent your aircraft to qualified pilots and maximize its business potential. Requires a separate Management Agreement.

Management fee

We would be happy to discuss how Trade Winds Aviation Aircraft Maintenance and Management Services will benefit you.